The Process

See how we run things


We meet, get to know each other, discuss your project, and explain how we work and what we can expect from each other. After this no-obligation meeting we provide you with a suggested project budget and a fee proposal made up from a combination of the following steps laid out below.


We visit your home to conduct a quick analysis of the site and house, before preparing a report for you with the findings and recommended options for going forward.


We work with you to develop a brief and a budget, assess and discuss site opportunities and constraints, review regulations relevant to your site, and develop a thoroughly considered sketch design for your home. We provide a thermal performance modelling report and optimize the sketch design. We prepare a preliminary costing table, with clear options for achieving goals within the set budget.


We refine the design as a comprehensive drawing set is developed in three dimensional drafting software. During this stage the focus is on fine tuning layout and sizing, window location and operation, the external form and materials. The thermal performance modeling and optimization is updated, along with the preliminary costing table.


During this stage the broader design of the home and surrounding site is finalized, and necessary construction details for any additional extensions (such as pergolas or carports) are developed. Your engineer and any other nominated consultants are engaged to provide construction drawings. The thermal performance modelling is again checked, and the energy efficiency rating finalized. Your costing table is once again updated.


Your initial fee proposal will have highlighted all the possible planning or utility approvals relevant to your project, and the related fees for these. At this stage, any necessary documentation to apply for these approvals is completed, and we will manage the approvals process on your behalf.


Our focus now turns to the internal detail as you work with us to design and specify your joinery, appliances, fittings and fixtures, electrical, lighting, heating and cooling. We workshop the interior design for your home. We present you with heating, cooling, and ventilation options specific to the thermal modelling of your home. Information and choices are presented to you through our online communication system so that you can feel well informed whether you are going with our recommendations or making a custom selection. Choices relate to various ‘basic’, ‘standard’ or ‘upgrade’ categories in your costing table.


We will discuss three recommended builders for your project from our network of trusted professionals whose approach aligns closely to our own. We prepare detailed tender packages and manage the process of requesting, receiving and reviewing the builder’s quotes. We then advise you on selecting a builder and coach you through the process of entering a building contract with them. We will also prepare and submit your building approval application, and liaise with your building certifier.


We offer three streams of service during the construction of your home, ranging from hourly rate advice only, to full contract administration. Our preferred option sits in the middle, including 8-10 visits to site with you during critical stages, and being included in all communication between the builder and yourself to advise on questions, decisions, or clarification of design.


We always hope to stay in touch. If you are keen, we will continue to engage with you to keep spreading the word about beautiful, clever, energy efficient homes.